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how is this different from other organic toddler formulas?

vera farms organic formula is different in three major ways from other organic formulas.

1. the ingredients themselves
we use an “ingredient first” model, instead of a “profit first” model. vera farms began with research and consulting with leading pediatricians and dietitians to determine the ideal macronutrients and micronutrients to fully support a toddlers growth and development. we found the best ingredients to meet these recommendations and made no compromises when putting them in our formula.

2. the quality of the ingredients
vera farms works direct with family owned california dairies that produce the highest quality truly grass-fed milk from which the milk powder and lactose are made from. our organic oils are never bleached or deodorized and no soy or palm oil is used. we include 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

other leading formulas use grain-fed milk from factory farms, bleached and deodorized soy or palm oil and less vitamins and minerals.

3. the form of the ingredients
we put our organic oils into a amber glass bottle to help protect them from oxidation. other companies blend their oils into the powder our vitamins are non-GMO and in highly bioavailable forms. we choose to include vitamin B-12, an essential vitamin for toddlers, in the form of methylcobalamin instead of cyanocobalamin form.

other leading formulas omit B-12 altogether.

do you need to refrigerate the powder or oil?

refrigeration is not required for either the powder or the oil blend. The oil will turn temporarily solid if refrigerated so it is recommend to keep both in a cupboard out of directly sunlight.

what does EFA blend stand for?

EFA stands for essential fatty acids. EFAs are healthful fats that humans must consume in their diet and act in a number o important biological processes.

why is the oil sometimes not liquid?

if the temperature is below 76 degrees the organic EFA (essential fatty acid) blend may become solid. to make the oil liquid gently warm the bottle either by placing it in a warm room or warm water. it will turn to a liquid in just a few minutes.

what is the expiration date?

the production lot (allows tracing of the specific line, facility and date) of production and “best by” date (expiration date) are printed on the bottom of each carton. All of our products are third party tested.

why do other formulas use soy and sugar (cane sugar or maltodextrin)?

there is no sound argument to be made for the addition of added sugar being healthful for growing toddlers. we understand sugar may be a part of the diet but we do not see a reason to add it to our formula. vera farms strongly believes that the foundations of healthy lifelong eating start at a young age and starting toddlers with products that decrease their sensitivity to sugar and increase the likely hood of want for sugar are not things we will support.

why organic milk doesn’t necessarily mean grass-fed milk?

the USDA (united states department of agriculture) organic symbol does ensure there are no hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s used but it does not ensure pastured-based or grass-fed.

Unless the dairies are in parts of california or new zealand they are not able to be year-round grass-fed because of weather conditions prohibiting cows being on pasture for a number of months during the year and many are not on pasture even during the summer

vera farms sources organic milk from family dairies in california

other leading formulas use milk from factory farms in the mid-west

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Important Notice to Parents and Guardians

  • The World Health Organization recommends that breastfeeding is best for your baby under the age of 12 months.
  • Vera Farms Organic Toddler Formula is for toddlers over 12 months.
  • Vera Farms is the only USDA organic, grass-fed and soy-free toddler formula.
  • Our unique powder + oil formula allows for the highest quality organic ingredients to be used without compromise.
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